Customizable parts

Some parts of Uvnc2me can be customized.

background.bmp background2.bmp  main.ico 
600x375 bmp
uvnc2me load the bmp on the fly 

600x375 bmp
uvnc2me load the bmp on the fly 

This icon is replace by a resource editor.  Need to be a icon, no bmp, png ...

The config file uvnc2me.ini allow to change the text and access servers.

s1 = Access code: 
s2 = Password: 
s3 = uvnc2me access
s4 = EU access server online.
s5 = US access server online.
s4off = EU access server offLINE.
s5off = US access server OFFline.
s6 = SERVER: Initializing connection.  
s7 = INFO
s8 = SERVER: Initializing encryption.   
s9 = SERVER: password failed.         
s10 = SERVER: password failed.         
s12 = SERVER: WAN rendezvous started    
s13 = SERVER: LAN rendezvous started    
s14 = Acces server found.              
s15 = VIEWER: Initializing connection.  
s16 = VIEWER: Initializing encryption.  
s17 = VIEWER: password failed.         
s18 = VIEWER: Passwd accepted.         
s19 = VIEWER: Closing connection.       
s20 = VIEWER: WAN rendezvous started   
s21 = VIEWER: LAN rendezvous started   
s22 = VIEWER: rendezvous ok           
s23 = SERVER: rendezvous ok           
s24 = VIEWER: rendezvous failed       
s25 = SERVER: rendezvous failed       
s26 = VIEWER: Trying repeater         
s27 = SERVER: Trying repeater         
s28 = Repeater online.
s29 = Repeater offline.
s30 = Repeater TCP connection   
s31 = Direct UDP connection     
s32 = You can close the connection anytime by selecting exit.
s33 = Select exit to close application
s34 = UVNC2me 1.0.3 Server
b1 = Mail access codes Partner
b2 = Loop test
b3 = Connect
b4 = Admin Desktop
b5 = Show Desktop
b6 = Chat / File transfer
b7 = Status test
server =
server_backup =
repeater =

server =<<< access server 1 server_backup = <<< access server 2